Thursday, July 14, 2011

beijing, brits, and bars

my last three weeks....

the soothing ambience of jazz...
while sipping a cup of bailey's coffee
hostel life. dirty. loud. but fun
constant goodbyes
a mess of languages -
chinese, french, cantonese, british, english
sharing music with strangers, drum and bass with chinese pop
too many brits
and a beijing fling with feathery soft kisses
something called "liquid funk" that i need to look into
bar hopping and tequila shots
clubbing til sunrise... two days in a row
hangovers in the afternoon
bookworm. reading books on rooftop bars with a beautiful nighttime view
shisha bars and fisheyed pole dancers
"i like clever girls" and "i can't be bothered"
random weekend trips to tianjin
bargaining for cheap purses
and macau food with hong kong dishes
never have i ever...
first girl kiss and a tangle of limbs
fourth of july and rejection
good friends and the warm buzz of alcohol
conversation, the hum of music, and comfortable silences
surreal. young. invincible. twenty something dreamers
content, peaceful, happy amidst the chaos
summer storms and soaked sandals
the smell of cigarettes and sweat
dancing on bartops and boats
silly giggles and stealing hotdogs
overpriced water and cheap barbecue
cutting hair and little buddhas
sanlitun, the village, and uniqlo
skype chats and photos
constant texts and laughing softly
stumbling, smiling, and child pickpockets
flirting with bartenders and swinging fists
laundry, clothesline, and underwear
french visa. complicated. money.

30 days til Hong Kong
34 days til Thailand
45 days til Malaysia

can't wait til europe next year

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